• Oil Pulling Solution - 2 oz


    Oil Pulling Solution - Suggested Treatment - Daily- Nightly - After the Detox Clay - no taste to slightly medicinal

    2 Oz Bottle / 1 - 2 Month Supply

    Thoughtfully comprised of a blend of oils and vitamins that have long been regarded as beneficial in oral care, the oil pulling solution can be used while driving, while bathing, while working on the computer. However, right before bed is the most important time since bacteria builds up in the mouth at night.  Studies show sesame oil can help receding gums and neem oil prevents the formation of plaque and tartar as well as improves gingivitis. Iodine exhibits activity against bacteria, molds, yeasts, protozoa, and many viruses. It removes fluoride which may help to decalcify the pineal gland. The cold pressed organic Coconut oil naturally contains Lauric acid which is well known for its antimicrobial actions; it inhibits Strep mutans that are the primary bacteria that have been proven to cause tooth decay. Clove is full of antioxidants! Lastly, the three essential oils and the black lava sea salt give this solution a mild, light flavor that users say is completely non offensive. Make sure you follow the instructionsPlease see the Product Description or Ingredient links for more information.