• Freshening Spray- Cinnamon Citronella - 1 oz


    Freshening Spray - mild medicinal flavor 1 Oz

    We know you'll enjoy this fun, festive blend of Cinnamon and Citronella essential oils combined with non fluoridated water. A few of the uses of Cinnamon is to boost brain function. Studies show it helps with memory and concentration. Oddly enough, it also is said to calm people down. Citronella has antibacterial properties, sometimes used as an antidepressant and it is very anti-inflammatory. All of our Fresheners are versatile and can be used as a room freshener, car freshener, mouth freshener, facial hydrator, cleaner; some people enjoy spraying it in the air and breathing in the essence.  We're sure you'll find a few more things you'll use it for.