• Daily Teeth Cleaner- 4 oz - up to 8 month supply


    Daily Teeth Cleaner - 4 oz - up to 8 month supply   (If we are out of the 4 oz jar you will receive 2 of the 2 oz jars.)

    Watch the Instructional Video Before Using. *Not your typical toothpaste, you start by moving it around your mouth.
    The daily teeth cleaner comes in a cobalt blue glass container to keep the ingredients from being diminished by light. This virtually tasteless cold pressed coconut oil and bentonite clay based paste is more like a fast acting clay mask for your teeth.
    You only need to use an amount about the size of a pea to clean your teeth. The black lava sea salt which has activated charcoal works with the bentonite clay and bonds to the surface of your teeth in a few seconds to aid in the removal of stains, toxins and food debris. Ginger decreases inflammation and clove is said to prevent and stop tooth aches.  The aloe vera powder, arnica oil, sesame oil, neem oil and raw jojoba butter have all been shown to help heal and prevent gum disease. Rosehip seed oil encourages new skin cell growth and supports elasticity in hopes to regenerate receding gums. To provide adequate vitamin C for healing and disease prevention, powder from the camu camu fruit is used. Camu camu has 30 times the amount of vitamin C as an orange. Moringa was added because it has several compounds that aid in anti-aging, besides the fact that just growing it can help heal our world. Tea tree essential oil compliments the Earthy taste.  What goes in your mouth goes through the rest of your body and the highest rate of absorption of vitamins happens in the mouth. We know this is probably going to be your favorite product we make but remember it works best when used in conjunction with the full product line.

    Just make sure you follow the instructionsPlease see the Product Description or Ingredient links for more information.